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Kalama United Methodist Church, Vancouver District


As the present pastor, appointed for Kalama UMC, please know it is a joy to share with you.  Our path in ministry has run from Southern Californial, to Chicago, to  New York and finally for the last 16 years to Astoria, Oregon.  My wife Carol is the Presbyterian Pastor currently serving the United Methodist Church in Astoria.  After 15 years pastoring the First Presbyterian Church in Astoria I am enjoying the variety of working in support of the Methodist church while doing woodworking/fabrication and teaching violin on the side.   Our five grown children require more space than I have. 

I generally arrive in Kalama on Saturday afternoon or evening and remain in town through Monday and sometimes Tuesday morning/early afternoon.  I would be more than happy to connect with you for coffee or meal.  I enjoy people and love the creative diversity that God has excercised in making us human beings.   Anything shared with me, stays there as I excersize a policy of confidentiality.  

I was recently asked if I am a "traditional" pastor.  I wasn't quite sure how to answer.  We don't have a high tech service with screens and computers- we haven't thrown out the hymnal and the service bulletin.  We've been known to sing Great is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace, and other classic hymns.  Additionally, the pastor and worship leader are muscians and we enjoy well led praise and worship using either the more modern Methodist books or printed sheets.  I am starting to teach a new song this week "How Deep The Fathers Love" in preparation for Easter before worship since folks start filling the seats 15 minutes before 11 on Sunday.   Worship including the sermon should be fun, practical, and never boring.  God is not sleeping- and is there to enjoy what we do together.

Kalama is a congregation in transition, meaning we may not yet have all the pieces in place.  But when you visit us- know that we will be seeking to know how best to serve you.  We will be ready to make provision for all ages and needs and are working to be perpared for all the different folks God brings together in this mission.  

I look forward to meeting you face to face "IRT" - until then may God bless you with safe travels, joy in life                                                                              and encouragemenet for every challenge.  

Faithfully in Christ,  

pastor Dave Prichard    (pd)

Cell: 503-338-8635

   April 2019   
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